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      Emergency Backup Battery Power

      Flat Rate Shipping $7.50 per Qualifying Order

      Dead battery? Jump start your car, truck or van at home or on the road with convenient emergency backup battery jump start packs. Useful emergency battery packs are housed in a durable, portable charger case, which means you’ll never be stuck again because of battery failure. Be prepared for home power outages or any other emergency with extreme output flashlights. Industrial jumper cables provide emergency battery backup power and work even in extreme cold. Choose your backup battery power supply or charger today and be ready for any emergency, either on the road or at home. 

      Emergency Jump Starter Packs - Portable Jump Starters [top]

      Extreme Output Flashlights | Heavy-Duty Power Supply [top]

      Industrial Jumper Cables | Emergency Roadside Assistance [top]


      Order Line: 1-800-362-5397
      M–F 6 am–5 pm PST
      Tech Help: 541-474-4421
      Fax: 541-471-6014
      276 Tech Way, Suite A
      Grants Pass, OR 97526
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